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Ibn Seerin's Dictionary of Dreams

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Ibn Seerin anses vara en av islamvärldens största och bästa drömtydare. Här är en lättöverskådlig översättning av hans mest kända verk om drömtydning. På ett enkelt sätt kan du genom ett index slå upp saker och ting du har drömt om för att få en djupare förståelse.

På baksidan av boken:

Dream interpretation is one of the earliest knowledge that was revealed to humankind.

This valuable book is a useful manual of types of dreams and their meanings. Even though the book looks at dreams and their significance from an Islamic point of view, the truth on which it is based, and which it uncovers are universal and primordial verities.

This book is therefore intended for all those who take dreams seriously as an important aspect of their life, faith and psychological makeup, and it will prove useful to students of culture and spirituality, but above all to seekers after the truth. First of its kind, Ibn Seerin's Dictionary of Dreams is an indispensable source of knowledge. It provides guidelines for the dream interpreter as well as to the person who is relating his dreams. This unique dictionary also treats dreams interpretations by contraposition, interpretation by correlation and approximation. It includes explanations of rare dreams that affected human history.

These includes the dreams of God's prophet Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isma’IL, Daniel, Joseph, Jacob, and Muhammad, upon all of them be peace and blessings. It also provides interpretations for rare and unique dreams given by spiritual masters of this unique art. How to interpret your dreams. Who sees the dream, the soul or the self? What does it means to see oneself walking on water? What is the meaning of true or false dreams? Over 4300 entries with an extensive index, and a User's Guide. Here is a valuable book the reader will cherish for years to come. It is a culture and a spiritual gift for professionals, psychologists, dream interpreters, scholars, students, as well as people from all walks of life.

Författare: Imam Muhammad Ibn Sireen; Shaykh Muhammad M. Al Akili (översättare); Mahmoud Ayoub (förord)

Förlag: Pearl Publishing House

Bindning: Mjukpärm

Språk: Engelska

Antal sidor: 511