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Stories of the Prophets (5 böcker)

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Artikelnummer: 1855

Berättelserna om Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa och 'Eesa ("Alay-himus-Salaam) för 5-6 åringar finns som en uppsättning av multipack med 5 böcker. Denna multi-pack erbjuder en besparing på 146kr!

This delightful narration of the life of the prophets takes children on an enchanting adventure, exploring the treasures of this timeless story. In their pursuit of knowledge, children will tackle obstacles along their path to reach the journey's end.

This wonderful narration of the life of prophets is written in a journey theme. Children are given learning maps and preparations tasks before each chapter. The text of the story has been authored such that the children in the age range can independently read it. The book is full of rich features such as reflection points that actively get children to engage with the text as well as differentiated activities to assess learning at the end of each chapter. The book is full of colourful, bright and delightful illustrations throughout that make this story a journey never to be forgotten. This book comes in a solid hardback cover and contains 60 pages.

The stories of the prophets is part of the Stem Series collection. Stem Series is a comprehensive and structured Islamic curriculum resource that is meticulously designed, illustrated and authored to professional standards.