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Friends of Allah & Friends of Shaytan

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Detta är en av Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyahs värdefullaste böcker. När vi läser denna bok fortstår vi varför så många människor världen över uppskattar och värdesätter Ibn Taymiyyahs böcker och verk. Översättaren Abu Rumaysah har dessutom gjort en mycket noggrann översättning av detta verk.

Utdrag ur texten på bokens baksida

Indeed the enmity between man and Shaytaan is old, commencing from the time that Adam (alayhi as-salaam) was created – from the time he was ordered to prostrate to him. Shaytaan refused, become arrogant and hence disobeyed his Lord. His arrogance and pride let him to commit a whole host of sins, it made him expend every effort in misleading the children of Adam and made him beautify and embellish sins such that they accepted them and eagerly committed them. Books sent the Messenger and enjoined His servants to various injunctions and admonitions in order to secure them from the evil of Shaytaan. In the light of His advice, profound injunctions and admonitions in order to secure them from the evil of Shaytaan.

In the light of His advice, profound injunctions and sever warnings, mankind becomes separated into two groups: a group who were guided and a group who deserved to be misguided. The groups who were guided are the inhabitants of Paradise and the groups who were misguided are the denizens of the Fire. The inhabitants of Paradise are the Awliyaa of the Most Merciful and the denizens of the Fire are the Awliyaa of Shaytaan.

Presented too the reader is the book al-Furqan bayna Awliya ar-Rahman wa awliya ash-Shaytan at a time in which Shaytan has overcome the majority of mankind and knowledge of the differences between the Awliya of the Most Merciful and the awliya of Shaytan is seldom found. In it, the author explained, in detail, the most important differences between the two categories of awliya, tackling the subject from various different angles and thoroughly refuting those who have gone astray in this matter. He discussed the issue of miracles and furnished the principles he laid out with examples of miracles performed by both groups of the awliya. Furthermore, he clarified some of the most important aspects of the Muslim belief, in all of this depending entirely upon the Book, Sunnah and understanding of the Salaf. May Allah have mercy upon him and reward him well.

Författare: Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah

Översättare och sammanställare: Abu Rumaysah

Förlag: Daar us-Sunnah Publishers

Bindning: Inbunden (mjukpärm)

Språk: Engelska

Antal sidor: 416

Vikt: 800 g

Storlek: 17x26 cm

Upplaga: 2