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Book of the End

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Artikelnummer: 1861

Likt allt annat kommer detta liv att komma till sitt slut. Det är en del av den muslimska övertygelsen att ha en stark tro på den Yttersta dagen. Profeten, över honom vare frid, har talat i detalj om Domedagens tecken. Ibn Kathir har samlat alla hadither från Profeten som berör detta ämne i hans bok al-Bidaayah wan-Nihaayah.

I denna översättning har vi presenterat alla tecken på den Yttersta dagen som redan har inträffat och alla de som fortfarande inte har skett.

Taget ur inledningen av boken:

O Allah, send prayers and salutations on Muhammad, his family, and his Companions. This is the Book of The End: Great Trials and Tribulations. It deals with what the Prophet informed us about regarding the signs of the Hour and the great events that are to take place before the Day of Judgment, all of which we must have faith in, because the Prophet spoke not from desire, but from revelation.

Abu Moosa Al-Ash'aree related that the Messenger of Allah said, "This nation of mine is one upon which there is mercy; there is no punishment upon it in the Hereafter; its punishment is in this world - with trials, earthquakes, and killings."

Hitherto in our discussion on the unseen past, we covered in detail events that pertain to the beginning of the world, the stories of the prophets, and the history of peoples until our era. Then we discussed the biography of the Prophet (S) mentioning his characteristics and the proofs of his prophet hood. Then we covered some events that the Prophet prophesized about and that have already taken place before our century. When we gave an account of events that took place after the Prophet's death, we pointed out those occurrences about which a Hadeeth gave information. Since we already mentioned those prophesies that have already become realized and since it would be too long to repeat them all here, we will suffice by mentioning only a few examples, after which we will return to the main theme of this work. And we seek help from Allah.

Författare: Al-Hafiz Ibn Katheer Dimashqi; Faisal Shafiq (översättare)

Förlag: Darussalam

Bindning: Inbunden (hårdpärm, bindning med tråd)

Språk: Engelska

Antal sidor: 748