The Wise Counsel of Luqman

Författaren förklarar och redogör de goda råd som Luqman ger till sin son i Koranen.


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Författare: Shaikh ‘Abdu’l–Razzaq Ibn ʿAbdu’l-Muḥsin al-Badr
Förlag: Darussunnah
Bindning: Mjukpärm
Språk: Engelska
Antal sidor: 64

Texten på bokens baksida:

Al-Hikmah is a divine prerogative. It is a gift from Allah granted to whomever He Wills from among His servants. Some define it as ‘beneficial knowledge that corroborates with good righteous deeds’; others say it is ‘doing an appropriate act at the most appropriate time and place’; and yet others deem it to be foresightedness, comprehension, felicitous conduct and good opinion. All of these definition are in fact befitting and apt. Allah, The Most High bestowed Luqman (upon him be peace) with much
foresight, intelligence and profound judgement – injecting it deep into his heart whereby his words, deeds and manners were grounded in wisdom. Allah Revealed: “And indeed we bestowed upon Luqman Al-Hikmah…” [Luqman (31): 12]

The instructions and advices found in the story of Luqman Al-Ḥakim comprise noble guidance and contain perfect conduct in inviting people towards Allah, and nurturing of children. It speaks of proper upbringing of a generation, describing ways to success and teaching people holistic
goodness. Making it incumbent upon every mentor, father and teacher to pay attention to the prescriptions found therein; providing contemplation and deriving exemplary lesson plans in the field of propagating and education. These lessons can tangibly facilitate in drawing hearts and enriching minds. Consisting of elementary details that appeal to one’s good conscience; for indeed putting across Allah’s Message to mankind requires proper planning and tact that is plentiful within the story. One who advises to such a degree is indeed blessed with prudence – a blessing from Allah, not just for Luqman but for anyone who takes him as a role-model.


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