The Box of Manners

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“The Box of Manners” innehåller en uppsättning illustrerade kort som lär ut till ditt barn islamiskt beteende och moral. Korten kan användas i tre olika spännande spel som utvecklar ditt barns moral och sociala beteende. 

Innehåll: 54 cirkelformade kort. Varje kort är 8 cm i diameter. Instruktionshäfte med referenser till Koranen och Sunnah.

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    My son and I have enjoyed "The Box of Manners" since he was 4yrs old and now he is 7. He has learned a lot from it, and so have I :). Alhumdullilah! It can be used in many ways, however we love the game of memory the best. Once we find two cards that are alike, we talk about it. For example, "Being good to your neighbors" or "Visiting the sick" or "Sharing" etc. etc.

    We have to feed our children with imporant Islamic teachings from different angels..from books, TV, Ipad apps, cartoon and best of all games! For examples, if he reads in a book about "Being Thankful", sure he may or may not remember it. However by giving him other resources for example, "Being Thankful" mentioned in the Box of Manners, just reinforces it. That reinfocement is needed in all types of Islamic Teachings to bring out the best in our child in order for him to grow up to be a faithful person towards his Creator. InshaAllah! Amin.

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