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The 99 Names of Allah Guided Journal

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Artikelnummer: 5881

Learn, love & live the meaning & benefits of Allah's names one day at a time. The 99 names guided journal is a combination memorisation tracker. Knowledge guide and reflective journal to help you build a relationship with Alah based on hope, awe, and love.

Key features

Connect with teachers

Inspirational and thought provoking audio reflections recorded by Scholars, Shuyookh and Teachers around the world to accompany each name of Allah.

Knowledge guide

Each name presented has a beautiful reflective story, root meaning, paired names, situations when to think about this name and a du'a prompt to bring it into your daily life.

Reflective Journal

The reflective space on each page gives you mind and heart space to reflect on the name of Allah to internalise and increase your awareness of this name through journaling.

Memorisation tracker

Keep track of your memorisation one name at a time. Our memorisation tracker supports you to finally learn 99 names of Allah.

Förlag: Ramadan Legacy
Bindning: Hårdpärm
Språk: Engelska